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Baby's Breath

Angels and Demons...

A Pro-Life Suspense Novel

Asleep at night, have you ever dreamed about the
hereafter? Drifting in and out of slumber, you may ask
yourself, “Is there a God and a Heaven?” Taking comfort in that belief, you drift back to sleep but soon awaken to another question, “Could there be a Devil and a Hell?”

Have you made mistakes in life? Did that error in
judgment cause the death of another human being? Did the guilt become an intractable thorn piercing your soul? Did you ask God for forgiveness? Baby’s Breath pulls you into the lives of two close friends in Hallowed, Ohio as they confront their regrets.

Claire’s procrastination and Anne’s tragic decision lead to the death of an innocent person. When the deed is done, these two best friends begin a terrifying journey into the realm of demons and angels. Amidst the rubble of their broken dreams and hearts and spirits, they search for a path out of their entanglement with evil.

BD McDuff unearths dark secrets in Baby's Breath as though digging through the remnants of a hurricane's destruction. Along with Claire and Anne, you will free-fall down a terrifying wall, grasping for any reality to hold onto.

The Choices We Make Carry the

Weight of Good & Evil


Baby's Breath

Baby’s Breath explores the intense apprehension of two women who have been friends since childhood. Claire and Anne  have it all - beautiful children, caring husbands - and their multifaceted friendship. 


Even in the quaint town of Hallowed, Ohio, life and death events and spiritual warfare surround the two friends.  Haunted by past regrets, Claire and Anne are compelled to face personal demons in the hope that angels will rescue them.

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Chapter 1

Claire Dillon-McCormack had one foot on the first step of the stairway to Heaven and one foot on earth. She could feel the gravitational pull of her family, praying for her to come back. Her husband, Chet, daughter Jeannie, and son Jeff stood vigilant watch over her at St. Aloysius Hospital. 


On July 3rd, Claire was prepping the yard for their annual Fourth of July celebration. She wanted to make sure her flowers looked as fresh as they could in the usual summer heat in their hometown of Hallowed, Ohio. Tomorrow, right before the party, she would pull the hose out for one last sprinkling. By the time family and friends arrived, dew drops would glisten on the pink and blue petals of the hydrangeas. The moist baby’s breath and sweet pea vines would infuse the air with sweet fragrances.


 Today, however, she would tackle the hard task of saturating the soil down to the roots. Claire had her own special method of plant watering. 

Chapter 31

At 2:30 am, Anne turned off the late night drivel of the radio and closed her third Hollywood trash magazine. In the course of about five hours, she drank two bottles of wine, used twenty-five tissues, and broke one wine glass. She turned out the sink light and in total darkness crawled up the steps to her bedroom. As she fell into bed, the walls began to spin, so she put her foot on the floor for stability. Then, Anne passed out…


The dream sequence began as usual, but it lasted longer, flooded with a mishmash of details, some ordinary and some shocking…

 Anne pushed the demon away. Somehow, she was able to run down the aisle and screamed at the steward. 

 “Stop this train. I don’t belong here!” 


The steward emitted a long line of fire from his nostrils and laughed, “You belong here, Annie. I’d like to get her in here, too.” 

Chapter 11

 Claire’s heart was racing. She did not question God’s judgment, but the anguish she witnessed was overwhelming. She knew the darkest of the dark loomed ahead like an ominous intruder behind a door. There was no exit from this intruder. She entered Chamber Darkest with a heavy heart…


 Then thousands, maybe millions of demons appeared. In unison they inhaled. Their nostrils opened wide to suck in the dark air. Snakes crawled into a deep hole to avoid what would happen next. In unison, the demons exhaled and a tsunami of fire roared through the chamber. 

 A demon whispered in Claire’s ear, “You came at the end of the show when Hell freezes over. The best part happens now.” Then, the demon spewed a long trail of the fire of Hell past Claire’s cheek. 


Enter The World of Angels & Demons

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