A Glimpse into the World of

Angels and Demons

A Glimpse of...

Claire and Anne  have it all – beautiful children, caring husbands -- and their multifaceted friendship. 

Even in the quaint town of Hallowed, Ohio, life and death events and spiritual warfare surround the two friends.  Haunted by past regrets, Claire and Anne are compelled to face personal demons in the hope that angels will rescue them. 

A Glimpse into..

Hallowed, Ohio is the small town in which Claire grew up. It is quaint and full of friendly faces. Hallowed is the type of town in which everyone knows everyone and the residents greet each other with a warm, "Good morning!" on their way home from church on Sunday.

A Glimpse of..

Chapter 1: The Climb

Claire Dillon-McCormack had one foot on the first step of the stairway to Heaven and one foot on earth. She could feel the gravitational pull of her family, praying for her to come back. Her husband, Chet, daughter Jeannie, and son Jeff stood vigilant watch over her at St. Aloysius Hospital. 


On July 3rd, Claire was prepping the yard for their annual Fourth of July celebration. She wanted to make sure her flowers looked as fresh as they could in the usual summer heat in their hometown of Hallowed, Ohio. Tomorrow, right before the party, she would pull the hose out for one last sprinkling. By the time family and friends arrived, dew drops would glisten on the pink and blue petals of the hydrangeas. The moist baby’s breath and sweet pea vines would infuse the air with sweet fragrances. 


Today, however, she would tackle the hard task of saturating the soil down to the roots. Claire had her own special method of plant watering. Neighbors had those fancy sprinklers twirling around all summer, but Claire preferred a hose with no nozzle. She’d move it to each garden area, screwing the hose into the ground, causing the soil to splash up and decorate her legs with mud. She loved the smell and feel of the dirt. 


At 3:45 pm, Claire finished the yard work and planned to focus on shopping for the ingredients for her special holiday foods – burgers, the Dillon family macaroni salad, and her incredible apple pie. She turned the knob on the faucet to off and pulled the long hose toward the side of the yard. Something felt different in her head. There was a fast series of clicks--like a switch in her brain turning on and off repeatedly – then, excruciating pain. She fell face down to the ground. 


Her son Jeff pulled into the driveway less than a minute after Claire’s collapse and rushed to her side. “Mom, Mom, what happened. Oh, my God!” Jeff cradled his mother in his arms and gently turned her towards him, wiping the mud and sweat from her face with his shirt. He placed his head on her chest to listen for breathing, feeling a slight up and down movement, but her body was limp. Jeff had never seen his mother’s complexion so drained of color, and even more frightening was a small bubble of spit that dribbled down her chin as if she were an infant. 

After a few seconds, his adrenaline kicked in and prompted him to call 911, then his Dad, Chet, and his sister, Jeannie, who worked in a Chicago law firm. 


“Hey, Jeff, what’s up? Make it quick, bro; I’ve got an important meeting in five minutes.” 


“Jeannie, I just got home and found Mom unconscious. She looks really bad. I think maybe she’s had a stroke or something.” 


“Did you call 911? And Dad?” 

“Of course I did. They’re on their way, but I wanted to let you know. Dad’s going straight to St. Aloysius Hospital. He’ll be there before the ambulance.” 


There were a few seconds of silence and then Jeff could hear Jeannie gasp, “I’ll be there as soon as I can catch a flight.” 


“Okay, listen, I hear the sirens. I’ve gotta go.” 


“Jeff, tell Mom I love her?” 


“I will.” 

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